3/2019: The making of Venus and her cloak. The ring on her finger is porcelain painted with layers of gold and royal blue china paint. I enjoyed every minute of her creation and the inspiration for her costume took some months to finalize and complete. Each freshwater pearl is sewn by hand along the old trim, and while the tulle gives the cloak a light and airy feel, the pearls weigh down the edges and ends and gives it beautiful drape and shape. The two large crystals add to the details.

2018: After assembling her head and body and fitting her with a custom wig, I am now on to the design of her elaborate costume. I am filled with anticipation for how it will turn out. Though it is so clear in my mind how it should look and I even have a drawing of the details, the final result usually has some variation from the original design.

2018: Little porcelain heads - took me long enough to sculpt and paint them - 7 firings for painting the eyes and creating the expressions. They seem to come to life with each layer of paint, and each has her own story. Sometimes I image that they are magical and born from flowers, to bring us inspiration and joy.