My Story


I am Stella Tu, the creator of TreasureDoll. I am an artist and a doll enthusiast. Even as a child, I dreamed of creating something unique and timeless that is also a reflection and extension of my passions and curiosities. I was always very sensitive to form, color, and texture, and held a fascination for beautiful dolls, exquisite objects, and intricate three-dimensional forms. For as long as I can remember, I have loved to create and build, and found myself invariably drawn to the intricacies of doll making. As this childhood passion grew with me, it led to the ideas and visions for my own ball-jointed porcelain doll, and ultimately to the creation of TreasureDoll.

TreasureDoll is conceived as a work of exquisite, articulated, porcelain art that evokes our emotions. I grew up at a crossroad of Asian and Western cultures and influences, so my work reflects a mergence of the two and draws inspiration from Asian and Western art, history, and stories. For a long time I dreamed of bringing them to life through porcelain as a way to capture their significance and beauty. I have always loved porcelain for its delicacy and remarkable strength, but most of all its timeless and ethereal qualities. From design to completion, each porcelain doll I make requires hundreds of hours of artistry, and each is a unique work of art that is a treasure and a joy to behold for many years.

At university I studied engineering and economics, and thereafter worked in the US and Asia and traveled for several years before deciding to devote full-time to my artistic endeavors. My love for art began in early childhood, during which I learned drawing, painting, embroidery, paper-cutting, and calligraphy. While in middle school, I began to experiment with and immerse myself in making resin dolls and sculpting in clay to meet my exacting standards. In later years, I adopted various techniques and ideas from my studies in engineering, human anatomy, and classical drawing, and gained exposure to many forms of art through my personal studies and travels.

Some years ago I realized that I needed constant thought and visual stimulation that preferably also included the use of my dexterity. The creation of ball-jointed porcelain dolls is a multifaceted pursuit encompassing art and science, and hence I am deeply drawn to it. The process of its creation allows me to integrate my knowledge and skills in design, sculpting, mold-making, ceramics, painting, and costuming with a unifying artistic vision and purpose. Together they enable me to bring TreasureDoll to life and give it meaning, character, and everlasting beauty.